Alaska State Register of Big Trees
is subsidiary to and an offshoot of AMERICAN FORESTS National Register of Big Trees.
The Alaska Big Tree List has prior listings going back to the 1950s.  All but a few can’t be verified and will be replaced with new nominations.  Candidates will be selected each September for the following year.  All species records will be retained until bested by subsequent year’s nominations.
Species without National Champs
If Alaskan Big Tree List entries are competitive with National Register listings, they will be nominated to the National Register for remeasurement and consideration.
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The List...
 is for those who want to know what each tree species is capable of in the Alaskan environment.
 is a listing, by species, of trees native to Alaska, with height, girth, and crown spread measurements that exceed all others, in accordance with the American Forests measurement guide.
 is derived from the measurement of trees anywhere trees grow naturally in Alaska
 becomes active on Alaska’s Arbor Day,  17 May 2010
 can be updated by using the Nomination Form; fill it out and submit it to Don Bertolette, Alaska Big Tree coordinator, 907.868.2922